Church Families Connected

This Sunday we will be rolling out a new ministry at the Red Door called “Church Families Connected.”
At the Red Door Church we are a multi-generational community with an understanding that it takes the entire church community to ensure everyone is well informed and cared for.
Many in our church family are without internet access, which means that email or website news does not reach them. “Church Families Connected”, is a ministry designed to keep these people up to date with all of the exciting changes going on at the Red Door Church.
The ministry is simply this – church members that have internet access and are able and willing to navigate our church website, “adopt” one person in our church family that does not have this ability and dedicate themselves to keeping them up to date on news, events, and other business of the church. How this communication happens is up to the individuals and should be designed to meet both of their needs. Suggestions include printing off pertinent news and either calling or mailing the information to the person, or others may decide to do a home visit to share the news. It really is a case by case basis and what the two individuals find the most rewarding.
For more information on this simple, easy and rewarding opportunity, or to find out who in our church family could benefit from your help, please contact Cheryl Morrill at

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